Wintery fun and lots of freebies :)

We had a "Cold Day" Monday and a teacher workday Tuesday so my days are all messed up in my head...I can't believe it's already Friday tomorrow!

I can't tell you how excited I am to actually live in seasons now! I saw snow outside my window on Monday! It lasted about 10 min and didn't collect on the ground at all but yall I am a Florida girl and I saw SNOW and it was a little bit magical :) We been having fun with some winter activities this week.

On the first day back from break I always love to do "learning resolutions" with my kids. We talk about the things they want to learn in the new year. The answers are always hilarious. Here are a few of my favorites:

"I want to learn to make cheese dip"
"I want to learn more art because I'm probably going to be an artist"

One of my favorite January activities :)  You can grab the page here. I made a 2015 version in case you want to file it away for next year.

We are working on long vowels with silent e and vowel teams right now in reading. Today while I was pulling some reading groups they made these flap books. I had them highlight the vowel team or silent e pattern and then sort them out. It made for great fluency practice and helped me see who was still struggling with those tricky vowels!

You can grab the pages for this here and here.

I have always made these cute name snowmen and I love them!

Since I'm in 1st this year I decided to amp it up a little with this activity. I found this idea on Pinterest the other day (originally from Kinderdi) , and adapted the response page for my class.

 (Sorry for the shadowy picture...I really need to invest in a new camera!)

You can grab my response page here

You can also grab one of my favorite snowmen math freebies by clicking the picture below ;)

I have plenty more wintery goodness over in my store if you need anything!

Happy Friday friends :)

"What is hiding?"

Holy first day back batman. We had quite a busy day. I'm so excited about some wintery fun things we are going to be doing in the next few weeks. Pictures to come soon. For now I want to share some more math fun :)

I got this idea from a math workshop a few years ago and it has become a favorite game in my room over the last few years. My partner teacher and I ran home from the workshop, cut out a bunch of L shapes from construction paper and collected all the colored dot stickers we could find in our drawers and made ourselves a full set for numbers 4-10.

It's basically the same as the "how many are hiding" game that we usually play with playdoh balls and a bowl but this time it's all on the card. They can see the "whole" number and one part and they have to figure out what part is missing. We talk about what they think is missing and why. It's super simple and yet my kids LOVE to play this game and get so excited when I lift the flap to reveal their guesses.  I keep some sets in my teacher cart to pull out as a math warm up and I also threw some in my early finisher tubs because the kids have a blast quizzing each other. 

They are really easy to make yourself with some paper and colored dots but I put a set of gumball themed ones for numbers 4-10 in my store if you'd rather just print and cut.

There's also a set for making 10 in my Penguin Math Unit.

I'll be back soon with some snowmen fun ;)