"What do teachers learn at teacher school?"

Last week I was out of the room for 2 days to see the fabulous Kim Adsit present!! If you ever get a chance to take a workshop with her go do it!!  I'm still reading through all my notes and riding on the inspiration I got from 2 days with her :)

I generally tell the kids when I know I will be out of the room, and once a year I like to keep my whereabouts a secret and have the kids guess where they think I am as a writing prompt.

This time I decided to tell them I went to "teacher school" and the sub had them write about what they thought I was learning. Their responses and pictures were HILARIOUS. I was cracking up when I got back to school.

Here are a few of my favorites:

"She needs to learn how to draw" (True story)
"She needs to learn not to forget to print things" HA!!
"She should learn Social Studies so she can teach it" (My partner teacher teaches SS)
LOTS of them said I was learning about Number Talks.
"She's learning to count to a million"
"She should give us less sugar"(What?? When do I ever give them sugar??)
"I hope she is learning more math games"
"She needs to learn to give harder spelling tests"

The pictures were so funny!!

My partner teacher at I at our desks :)

Me trying to do math and apparently getting pretty stressed about it!

I really love this one. I mean my nails look awesome!! But I should really work on my pencil grip!

I just really loved getting to see their thoughts and perspective on what they think teachers learn/should learn at school. If you want to grab some writing paper to use the next time you go to "teacher school" you can download it here.