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"Dinosaurs, big as trees..."

5 school days left until summer and this teacher is SO ready. I have been neglecting my poor little blog this week, and I'm currently fighting a headache and avoiding report cards so this is going to be short and sweet. But I did want to share a few pictures from the end of our dinosaur unit.

On Monday we finished up dinosaurs with some fun stations. My sand FINALLY dried so I was able to bury the pasta pieces and have the kids "dig them up". This was so funny to watch. Some of them were so meticulous about it...brushing off every last grain of sand before placing their "bone" in the right place on their sorting mat. They had to find enough of each bone in the sand before they could build their dino. I used jumbo shells for the skull, rotini for the spine, linguini for the ribs and mini pene to make the arms and legs. Apparently I didn't get a shot of the finished "T-Rex" but they turned out pretty cute.

They also got to make fossils using Play-doh and these great dinosaur skeletons I snagged from Amazon.

I forgot to snap a picture of the dinosaur directed drawing that they did at a third station but they turned out SO cool! I just found these on Making Learning Fun and I am going to print and laminate a bunch of them to use for next year!

I meant to share this kids absolutely could not get enough of this song!! They were singing it to themselves during centers. (We did have to have a little talk about how the singer was not actually saying the "a" word...even I went scrambling for the mouse the first time I heard it haha)

OK that's all I have for I said, short and sweet. I suppose I should get back to my report cards now.

Here I go...

I'm going...

....oh look, Piterest.....


Crazy for dinosaurs!

One day I will blog throughout the week and share little snippets and ideas instead of giant photo filled posts...but today is not that day :) What a fun week we have had with our dinosaur unit! Here's some of the fun stuff we did...

We learned all about Triceratops and then wrote facts about him. I love how this guy is shaded just like my picture that I used for our circle map.

Stegosaurus patterning...for all my love of the new Common Core math standards, I REFUSE to leave patterning behind :) This cute idea came from Anna over at Kindergarten Khronicles

More making 10 activities.

This project was inspired by this post over at Mrs. Plant's Press. I forgot to snap a picture of the finished product but they turned out so cute and ended up being a great little math activity. It's hard to see from the picture but the kiddos started with 10 red dots and wrote the number sentence for yellow and red dots.Then they flipped one over at a time and wrote each consecutive number sentence on each plate until they had filled all 11 combinations. Then they wrote 10 on the stegosaurus's belly :) I found a class set of these ten frames and two sided counters in the copy room giveaway pile at school last week SCORE!

Another idea from Kindergarten Khronicles. We learned all about how dinosaurs come from eggs and made these cute little guys and wrote about the three stages of life from egg to little dinosaur to big dinosaur.

Some of our math centers (somehow I never got any pics of our literacy centers).

I had planned to bury pasta in sand today and let the kids dig it up and make a dinosaur skeleton but the sand was still wet and needed to be aired out (I bought playground sand in a bag from Walmart and they store it OUT in the RAIN! How does that make sense??) So we will technically be finishing up our dinosaur unit on Monday with that activity and this great idea I found over at Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten :)

OK if you have stayed with me this far....I have 2 more things...

1. Don't forget to enter my giveaway (click here for the post). It ends tomorrow night at Midnight!!

and 2. Here is one last dinosaur freebie. I used this during my formal evaluation this week and it went GREAT. This was the first time I actually had the kiddos fill in their own double bubble and I was so impressed with their thinking :)

Dinosaur Double Bubble

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all you mommies :)