Turkey Tens Game (FREEBIE)

Happy Wednesday friends!! I just wanted to stop by real quick to share this fun game we played in my room today.

Turkey Tens!

All you need is the turkey board, some counters, and some dice. On their turn, a student rolls 4 dice (using FOUR dice was super exciting) and tries to put any combination of dice together to make 10.  If they can make 10, they put their counter on a turkey feather. If they can't make ten, their turn is over and the next player rolls the 4 dice. (If they could make 10 twice in one roll - like they roll 5, 5, 6, 4 I let them put 2 counters on!)

When they fill the turkey, the person who has the most turkey feathers covered wins!

If you want to grab a turkey board, you can click here.

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