1 week till Thanksgiving break and counting...

Happy Monday friends!! Can you BELIEVE that it's already the week before Thanksgiving?? Goodness and I thought October flew by fast!! I just wanted to stop by to share a few things we've been doing in 1st grade.

We have been working for a few weeks on 2 digit numbers.  Last week we played a lot with adding and taking away tens and ones. We used these turkey mats to practice adding tens to a number. Some students used the base ten blocks and others skipped right past that step and just added the tens right on the feathers. It was a great way for me to see different students' levels of comfort with this concept.

After some practice using the math mats I let them pick a number and make their own turkey. These guys were a big hit :)


 You can grab the mats and turkey craft in my Turkey Tens pack.


We've also been building and manipulating 2 digit numbers with our number cards. I have a big blog post in the works about all the ways we use these cards so stay tuned for that ;)

Today we finished our "How To Cook a Turkey" writing and made these cute turkeys.  I always love doing this writing every year the steps to cook a turkey are always hilarious. My favorite one of all time was last year "First, get in the car and go to Grandma's. Second, eat Turkey".

You can grab the writing paper by clicking on the pic below.


And now it's another early bedtime Monday for me!!