2 down, 175 to go!

My first two days have gone well! Yesterday was the usual mix of anxiety and craziness and first day excitement. Today I was able to get a lot of management and procedures taken care of and I'm feeling really good about my group so far :) **knock on wood**

In other news, I just finished up some center signs. Last year we did "clip centers" which was what my kids named developmental center time since they had to "clip" their clothespin on the sign. Once there were three clips on the sign, that center was full and no one else could be there. It was a beautiful system. I wanted to revamp my signs to match my polka dot theme so I came up with these. Click on the picture to find them in my store.

I've had a lot of people ask about some of the calendar elements from the pictures in my last post. I posted part of this set as a freebie last week but have since added the "Today's Number" section so here's the whole set.

Calendar Pieces Updated

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