Freebie Hop!

I am SO excited about this friends!! A whole bunch of us got together to host a monster freebie hop. There are some seriously great freebies out there waiting for you. Here's all you have to do. Start at my facebook page. Look for this button at the top.

Click the tab and you can download the freebie. If you're not a fan of my page, you have to do that first and THEN get your freebie :). Then click the blue circle to head to the next facebook page. Go all around the circle until you get back to me (get your clicking fingers ready there are 42 of us!!)

Click here to get to my facebook. Happy hopping :)


  1. Hey Danielle,
    I can't seem to find it on your fb page... did you take it down... I had to end my hop early due to something going on with my internet...

  2. Hi Julie, yes I switched out the pictures on the tab but the same freebie is still there. If you click on the tab that says freebie you can still grab it :)