Winter recap and moving on into outer space!!

Hi friends...I hope you all are living and teaching well! I cannot believe it's almost February. We started our space unit today getting ready for our field trip to the planetarium on Thursday...I could teach this unit for a month...we always have a blast with it! Before I get into our space stuff I'm going to do a photo dump of some of our wintery fun over the last few weeks. There's lots of pictures but also some freebies along the way :)

Cute name snowmen.

Short 0 hot chocolate mugs

Snowball painting with wine corks. This went so well! Giving 18 kids paint all at the same time always terrifies me a little bit but it went great and the wine corks created perfectly formed snowballs :) They are my new favorite art supply...a friend of mine bought me a whole box full for Christmas.

More snowman fun! We did this cute Snowman Buttons book from Shannon Martin at Kindergarten Hoppenings. Then we made these snowmen with pom pom buttons and they wrote their own number sentences.

One of our favorite fun Friday activities is sight word 4 corners outside in the atrium. The kids love this game! And living in Florida, we can do this in January :)
Some addition fun with hot chocolate. We worked together to write the addition sentences using the cards and then I gave them their own books and marshmallows to model the problems and find the answer. This was a blast (and of course they got to eat the manipulatives at the end :) You can grab a copy of this freebie here.

More fun with Deedee's January Poetry Stations.

Some good old snowmen painting. I thought this guy turned out hilarious!!

Snowman brace map writing. 

Some roll and write fun with counting on practice (grab these dice here). 

Some winter math books work with making 10.

Every year we read the book Snowballs by Lois Ehlert and then send the kids home with 3 paper plates to build and decorate a snowman with things they find around their house. I modified this a bit one afternoon when I had to sub for an after school art program last minute. I pulled out all kinds of random stuff from my art cabinet, cut some white die cut circles, and got these great little guys!

I ended up having to be out a few days last week and our penguin unit never really got off the ground which was SO sad and depressing to me. These guys really turned out great though. I love art projects where I just give them paper and say "Make me a ___"  How funny is that guy in the middle??

I will be back later this week to share some space fun. Happy Monday everyone :)


  1. I love your wine cork snow painting idea, I have got to do that next year! :) Those name snowmen are adorable. We are doing space this week too, I can't wait to stop by later and see what you do!

    Fun in PreK-1

  2. love all the snow activities thanks for sharing.
    ✿Tiffani Time 4 Kindergarten

  3. How do you play sight word 4 corners? Sounds like it would be a fun way to practice sight words.

    1. At this school I had an atirum with 4 big columns at each corner. I would pick a sight word to tape up on a piece of paper on each column (although I suppose you could place multiple words on 1 column). When I yelled "GO" they would all run to 1 column. Then I pointed to a column and everyone there had to read the word on their column. I rolled a dice and yelled out the word that came up. Everyone at that word had to sit down. Play continued until we had 1 child left. The winner got to roll the dice (I have those pocket dice that you can paper in). I suggest if you play outside that you have a megaphone...makes it much easier. You could also play inside by putting words on 4 tables or parts of the room. :)