Summer Linky Party: New Teacher Tips

I'm linking up to share some advice for first year teachers. Sometimes I still can't believe that I have 3 years under my belt. My 1st year was UNBELIEVABLY difficult. Like whoa. But I barely survived! I could go on and on for pages with advice and ideas to make it through your first year but these 3 came to mind first.

1. Take advantage of the internet but don't get overwhelmed!

There are some FABULOUS resources out there at our disposal. When I first started teaching 3 years ago I had no idea about teaching blogs, of course there are many many many more now! The wealth of knowledge that you can get from reading blogs as well as the resources available on TPT is absolutely wonderful. But you have to be careful not to get overwhelmed. Especially in the first few years of teaching it is so easy to get caught up in wanting to implement a million ideas (and there are a million out there! Just scroll through a teacher's Pinterest feed and you will know what I'm talking about) Don't get caught up in comparing yourself to every teacher you see out there and don't fall into the trap of thinking you have to do it all right away. Use the resources, figure out what you need and what your kids need, and go from there. There is plenty of time in the summer months to get lost in Pinterest and create your dream classroom in your head :)

2.Have an expectation for EVERY. MOMENT.

This might go without saying but especially in the lower grades you would be surprised to find out how you need to have every single second of the day "managed" in some way. That doesn't mean you need to run your room like an army camp, but there should never be a time in your day when your students don't know exactly what is expected of them. I learned this the hard way. Many times. Have clear expectations, and remind them all the time. :)

3. Have fun!!

Teaching is a blast! It is exhausting and overwhelming (still for me some days) and takes absolutely everything you have to give, but it is also so much fun. Try to find time in every day to enjoy your kids, to laugh with them, to have fun with them. It will make you a better teacher and it will help your kids love school.

There are some great tips in some of the other posts in this linky party. Be sure to click through and find them all! :)


  1. About to start my first year... and in Kindergarten. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Found you through the linky. Great tips and your blog is super cute! I'm a new follower :)

    Carolina Teacher

  3. Oh, I really like your first tip - it is so easy to see so many cool things on teacher blogs and Pinterest, but sometimes you've just got to say , Whoa!
    Great tips, Sara

  4. Thank you for the tips. This is my first year teaching Kindergarten and my school is in China (nervous about moving over there)!!! There's so many things going through my head right now about my classroom but thanks for the tip of trying not to get overwhelmed by everything.

    Cheers To School