What's Growing in Your Garden?

Hi friends!! I feel for most of you Spring Break has already come and gone but I am right in the middle of enjoying mine. I've found a great balance of productivity Super Woman and total couch potato Netflix addict haha. I swear you can do both!! One of my productive streaks has been getting this little blog back in order. I have lots of fun things to share with you in the next few weeks.

Last week before going on break we read a lot about plants and gardens.  I absolutely love making these gardens with my kids when we are learning about plants and farms. 

The first thing you need to do is prep the gardens. Start with a 9x12 piece of brown paper. Fold the bottom up leaving about 2 inches on the top.

Again, fold the bottom part up leaving another 2 inches. This makes 2 pockets.

 When we made these last week, for the sake of time, we just stapled the sides, but you can just as easily use a glue stick to secure the sides. I HIGHLY reccommnend prepping the actual gardens ahead of time. The kids will have enough fun making all the veggies ;)

First we read "Growing a Vegetable Garden" and we looked up pictures of real vegetables online. One of my sweeties was insistent that I look up parsnips...I honestly couldn't have told you what one looked like before we looked it up!

Then I gave the kids construction paper and let them have at it. Some of my favorite crafts come when I don't have patterns or tracers and I just let the kids make something out of nothing.

This one made me so happy. The day before in small groups we had read a story about how strawberries grow. After he made his garden, one of my struggling readers ran over to show me how he had made a runner for his strawberries to grow on just like he read in the book. Melt my teacher heart. 

 Last year when I did these I made a little book for my Kinders to go along with making our gardens. This year I had some writing paper for the kids to write all about the vegetables in their gardens. You can grab both the writing paper and the book (along with a little labeling/reading activity) by clicking the picture below.


Have a Happy Thursday!! Both my TV and my clip art folder are calling my name :)


  1. This is wonderful. I am excited to try this in my classroom. Thank you for sharing.

  2. OMGoodness..what a nice surprise! Thanks so much! :)

  3. These are SOOOOO stinking cute! Will definitely be doing these!