Binder covers to dry erase boards

I'm excited to share another Bright Idea along with some fabulous teachers!!

This is one of my favorite tricks from my early years of teaching.  I've been fairly limited on copy counts and laminating in the last few years so I really try to limit the copies that I use for centers.  I generally have a lot of games and recording sheets in sheet protectors. A few years ago someone dumped a BUNCH of old binders in the teachers lounge and we hit the jackpot. Unfortunately the actual binder rings were busted but somehow we got the idea to cut off the covers and turn them into dry erase boards.

While I use a lot of sheet protectors as well, these binder covers are great because they are sturdy and keep the paper that you slide into them nice and neat (so many times when I pull papers or even card stock out of sheet protectors in a center they are all wrinkly from the wear and tear of little hands).

Just cut off the cover of a binder along the corner.

Papers slide easily in and out of these covers. I've added some washi tape to some of mine to add a little bit of pizazz.

Easy peasy right?? They work great for playdoh mats, spinners, game boards,  dry erase boards, or recording sheets for centers.

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  1. I love this idea, what a great use for worn out binders. I could probably also do this with good binders, keeping them intact and storing my center papers together in the binder.