Hot Chocolate Math Freebie!

Happy Sunday friends!!

I just wanted to share a game we played in math centers this week that was a huge hit. We are still working on becoming fluent with those math facts so I made this quick little game for them. This was a good mix of skills because it encouraged quick recall of facts, decomposing and some missing addend practice all in one game.

This can be played in pairs or groups of 3 (I have an odd number of students this year). Each student gets a board, a spinner, and a set of hot chocolate cards.

When everyone has placed their cards, they yell go and start to race each other to fill their boards with "marshmallow numbers".  The hot chocolate cards are the whole in the number sentences and the marshmallow numbers are the parts. They spin a number and decide where they can put the number on their board. If they spin a number that they can't use, they just spin again. There are also a few wild spots that they can use as any number.  (You can see that this student really loved using 0 as the wild number - I gently guided him to start trying some other combinations)

The first person to fill their board yells "hot chocolate!"  Everyone checks to make sure their math is correct and then they all erase, pick new numbers and play again. Easy fun + great math practice = my favorite kind of math center.

I made boards for both math facts and combinations to 10 (depending on what your kids need to practice)

You can grab the game for free in my store by clicking the picture below.

Enjoy your extra day off tomorrow!!


  1. How cool idea to teach numbers! You know my son goes to a Phoenix kindergarten. His teacher also uses these types of methods to teach little kiddos.