The dinosaurs are coming...

Hello friends! Well the farm was AWESOME. We had a flat tire on the bus so we left school almost an hour late (for an hour long drive). But the staff was absolutely great and we were still able to do everything on our agenda. We milked cows, held chickens, rode horses, fed goats and pigs, rode a train and had a hay ride. It was such an awesome experience for my kids...they especially loved when the baby duck pooped all over my arm!!!

We still have one more week of farm fun planned, but wanted to share my brand new Dinosaur Math Unit.
The free preview shows everything (why don't more people take advantage of that feature??) I had planned on making this math and literacy, but so much math just kept pouring out of my head :) I'm excited to dive into dinosaurs in a few weeks...we didn't get to do our dinosaur unit last year so it will be my first time teaching about them.

I can NOT believe we only have 5 weeks of school left!! Are you all dealing with testing craziness in your schools?


  1. Your math unit looks great! I'm finishing up my dino lit unit & getting ready to start on the math. I would take advantage of the preview option more if I knew how to collage my pages like you did. Still a newbie & trying to figure everything out! ;)

    Jen's Kinder Kids

  2. Test craziness everywhere! I'm not sure if it worse having my 5th grader deal with 6 days of FCAT, or getting my classroom kids (and 2nd grade daughter) ready GMADE/GRADE. It is crazy!

    Fun in K/1