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Happy Monday friends! First of all, I love love love LOVE my new blog design. Alicia over at Dreamlike Magic is just fabulous :)

I am linking up with Classroom Freebies for Manic Monday's.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

I am excited to share these thinking maps I made for my kiddos this week. We used the brace map today for our teen numbers and it went great. They are really getting good at understanding this base ten concept with the teen numbers! I just slid the barn brace map into a sheet protector (late night creation = no time to laminate) and projected it up on the board and we used different teen numbers to break apart into 10 and another number.

There is also a circle map for making ten, and some number bonds for ten. I hope you find these helpful :)

Farm Math Thinking Maps


  1. I am your newest follower! :) Your freebie is excellent!


  2. I love how each child no matter what the level can be successful! This is building a great foundation for their learning

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  4. So cute! I love thinking maps! Thanks for sharing!

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  5. I just found you through Manic Monday as well and I am 110% in love with this freebie! I'm your newest follower now, and I'm excited to see more!

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