More farm fun.

We have finally finished our farm unit. It has been a while since I spent 2 full weeks teaching 1 theme. It feels like we have been looking at pictures of pigs and cows and horses forever but I'd much rather have lots of time than not enough! We had a great week with lots of fun and LOTS of learning. I have a ton of pictures to share so I'll get right to them :)

The day after our field trip we made farm circle maps of all the things we saw. (The circle map is from the lovely Shannon Martin at Kindergarten Hoppenings and the pictures are from KPM Doodles)

Short vowel chicks and eggs. It's hard to see in this picture but the eggs made little flaps that lifted up to show the chicks underneath with the vowels.

We read Mrs Wishy Washy and had animal crackers in chocolate pudding for snack (I found farm animal crackers at the Dollar!!)

We made roosters with ten frames on their feathers to match the teen numbers on their backs (I will put ten frames on ANYTHING! haha)

We made these darling little sheep. One side showed them before they got sheared and the other side was after they were sheared and had the silly sentence.

The sheep were the final touch on our farm scene (my barn didn't turn out as cute as I had hoped but it worked)

When we were learning about how farmers grow food on the farm we tasted peas and carrots and graphed which ones we liked better.

Then they made their own version of the veggie they liked best and wrote about it. (I had a few that wanted to make both so they wrote about how much they DIDN'T like peas on their pea pods haha)

These sight word farms turned out so cute. I copied the animals and the barn with sight words on them. They got to build their farm and then wrote me 3 sentences using the words on the animals. It was a challenge for some of them to construct sentences with some of the new words but they did great!

My teaching partner next door got her chicken eggs today so we were talking all about chicks and eggs. I got this idea from Piterest originally but it came from Valerie over at All Students Can Shine . They LOVED getting to tear open the eggs after the glue dried!

I love how this guy is just barely peeking out :)

Making 10 circle maps...ten frames ON a circle map: these are a few of my favorite things ;)

I got this idea from Kinder by Kim

Whew!! I told you that was a lot! High five to you if you stayed with me through all that. To celebrate the end of a great 2 weeks both of my farm products are 20% off right now in my TPT store until Sunday.

Have a great weekend :)


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  4. Which dollar store did you find the farm crackers in?