Apple Fun

We had a blast learning about apples the last 2 weeks. This is my third year teaching but the first time I've actually been able to do my Apple unit. My first year I got my job late and it was all I could do to hold my head above water. And last year I broke my ankle in September and was out of school for 7 days (followed by 6 weeks on a knee scooter). The best part was on Friday my kids came RUSHING up to me after lunch all excited. They had broken open the cores of their apples that they bought at lunch and found seeds and could not stop talking about how they were going to go home and plant their own apple trees. My favorite part was overhearing "I'm going to put these in the dirt and then there will be a sapling and then buds and blossoms and then APPLES". I just wanted to fall on the floor and laugh out of pure happiness haha. 

Here's some pictures of our apple fun :)

I found this idea on Pinterest. They turned out SO CUTE. (Ignore the white rectangle, a sticker sheet fell while I was taking the picture)

After we tasted apples I had them draw their favorite kind and we graphed it. I love how they turned out haha. 

I got this idea from Mrs Hodge and Her Kindergarten Kids 

Apple labeling. 

We had some fun introducing the concept of decomposing. We started off small using 3 and the kids did GREAT. 

Matching numbers to dice and ten frames. This is from my Apple Unit

Simple writing practice. Also in the Apple Unit.

They did SO great with these. This was the first time I pulled out the interactive books with these kiddos and I only had 1 out of 20 glued shut! Success :)

Click the picture to find the apple math unit in my store.

We are having a great time this week learning about fall and scarecrows. Happy Tuesday :)


  1. Your apple stuff looks great! Your kids must've had a great time!!

    Jen's Kinder Kids
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  2. I love this!! I need to use it when I do my apple unit!!

    Follow my blog so you can check it out when I do it!!!

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